Covid-19 & SDR

SDR Clothing Co takes being part of a community seriously. Whether that be the local community here in Burlington, VT or the wider community of riders, diggers and bike folks in general. To that end, we are taking the following steps to protect ourselves and the communities we are part of:

Staff Safety

Luckily for us, there isn’t a staff to safeguard, just me. I do all the screen printing from my basement print shop and I’ve been social isolating since the beginning of all of this. FYI, I’m pretty severely asthmatic so I’ve been trying to be very cautious since the first cases started appearing in the northeast.

Incoming Supplies & Materials

We’re pretty well stocked on the essentials for the business, but we do still need to order new supplies and materials like blank clothing and ink and other shop supplies. Any incoming materials are either placed in a quarantine area (the back garage) long enough to guarantee they are no longer questionable or they are unpacked and sanitized immediately, with the shipping containers disposed of outdoors. Any new garments that come in are run through a dryer set to 140ยบ for 45 minutes (the best recommendation for sanitizing textiles we could find from a microbial virologist).

Outgoing Products

Even with the above steps to ensure the safety of all incoming materials, we want to keep you all as safe as possible. Therefore, everything that ships out now gets packed personally by me while I’m wearing nitrile gloves, indoor only clothing and my respirator that I use for printing on nylon and cutting carbon fiber bike parts. Since we cant control what happens after the products leave here, and this virus has such a long incubation period in folks, we still recommend that once you get your products you unpack them, dispose of the shipping boxes, run your new clothes through a dryer cycle and WASH YOUR HANDS after you handle everything.


In order to limit points of contact and help take pressure off our already overworked postal workers, we are limiting package pickup to one day a week until things go back to normal. We will be scheduling a no-contact package pickup every Friday. Any orders placed by 3:00 pm EDT Thursday will ship on that week’s shipment. Anything after that will ship the following Friday. It’s not ideal, but for now it seems like the safest and most responsible way to move forward.

Helping Locally

Stay tuned for limited edition charity releases that will directly benefit groups doing important work on the ground to help keep our local Burlington, VT community safe during this crisis. Gave an idea for how we could work with you to help your local community? Reach out. Resources are limited, but if its at all feasible we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.